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Musician, Educator, Full Stack Developer


Andrew is a web developer/software engineer, and music lessons business owner. he has a flexible, and plastic personality with a deep passion for solving problems and writing elegant code. his experience leads him to have a strong skill set with business management, and customer relations. Andrew's unique interest in front end design drives his technological career.


Javascript, Python, Ruby, HTML, CSS, Java

Back end skills

MEAN development (MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, Node.js), Flask, Django, Ruby on Rails, Database technology (MySQL, PostgreSQL, NoSQL, SQLite)

Front end skills

React, popmotion animation, bootstrap

reflexive design

comprehensive animation

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Lessons, Guitar

Taught Axel, now owner of Tames Music, most of what he knows about guitar .

Node.js, React, Gatsby

Contributions to an open source web app for gamers which supports thousands of users.

Guitar, Studio Performance

A long list of meetups and video/audio recordings with Dakota Jiminez, an astounding audio professional